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Better food, by default.

The Better Food Foundation incubates novel strategies for shifting diets. Our vision is a world where plant-based food is the norm.

Our mission

Normalizing plant-based food

Our programs transform the institutional and cultural environments that both guide food choices and shape attitudes towards plant-based eating, leading to large scale and lasting diet change.

Our Impact

Key results for a more sustainable world.
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meals impacted/year


institutions using plant-based nudges


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 888,000 kg of carbon dioxide


reduction in water footprint, or 21,000,000 gallons of water


Mar 24, 2024

Hundreds of Universities Are Moving Toward a Plant-Based Norm

Sodexo has massively expanded plant-based dining at its nearly 400 universities following its trial of DefaultVeg menus.

Press Release

Mar 14, 2024

Sodexo Launches Massive Expansion of DefaultVeg Pilot, Making Plant-Based Meal Service a Norm at Campus Eateries Across USA

DefaultVeg expansion to almost 400 campuses serving 1 million students coincides with a newly published study showing that consistently offering plant-based meals as the default option is highly effective at encouraging students to choose them, cutting greenhouse gas emissions.


Mar 12, 2024

DefaultVeg Menu and Leaders Featured at “The Future of Federal Food Purchasing: Transforming Policy & Practice” Summit 

The Better Food Foundation’s powerful plant-based-default strategy makes its way to the two-day food procurement summit hosted at George Washington University.

There’s a lot of large-scale change that we could achieve in any of the institutions where food is served. Nudges are more than just quiet and discreet. They’re actively changing people’s attitudes in a positive direction towards plant-based foods.

The Invisible Power of ‘Nudging’ Is Leading Diners to Cut Back on Meat

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