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How We Partner

We partner with NGOs, businesses, educators, food service leaders and policymakers to spread and scale DefaultVeg strategies throughout our food system.

We’re part of a growing ecosystem of experts, advocates and changemakers who are helping make plant-based foods the norm across different industries and sectors.

If you’re interested to partner with us, we’d love to meet! Here’s what we can offer:

  • Training resources (webinars, emailed tips and guides, one-on-one support) to complement and supplement the programs of organizations that recruit, equip and organize people to achieve social change, whether they’re students, employees, or volunteers.
  • Data and educational tools that help advocates connect the dots between many social causes—public health, climate change, environmental justice, inclusivity,, animal rights—and plant-centered diet change, and to articulate how food is part of their own social change mission.
  • Referrals to groups that can help you achieve large-scale change in dining services (see our core partners below).
  • Coordination of food transformation projects that require the efforts of multiple organizations, including conceiving, applying for, and managing collaborative grants.
  • Public awareness projects that shine a light on the success stories of our partners through media pitches, social media campaigns, and presentations at conferences and other educational spaces.
  • Data collection and reporting (including in academic outlets) about DefaultVeg and adjacent strategies’ use and impact, to inform and improve diet-change advocacy movement-wide.

Our key partners who are helping to spread and scale the DefaultVeg strategy include: