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If you’re a sustainability professional or just someone who cares about the planet or inclusive dining, you can make a difference in your workplace by using DefaultVeg strategies.

By switching 1,000 meals to DefaultVeg, you save 1,600 kg CO2eq, an amount of pollution equivalent to driving an average passenger vehicle 4,140 miles.1 Imagine the impact if you’re doing that every single day.

DefaultVeg strategies are being used everywhere, across myriad industries. Hundreds of companies and organizations have pioneered DefaultVeg with us: from film productions to environmental non-profits, from one-week conferences to every day at private companies.

It’s easy to get started!

You can incorporate our strategies into your one-time event, corporate cafeteria, or lunch order lunch for the office. Anyone can use DefaultVeg in any foodservice setting.

Here’s how we can help you get DefaultVeg adopted where you work:

  1. Are you a decision maker for foodservice at your work? Get started by filling out our DefaultVeg Intake Survey to get customized feedback for your specific work and food service setting.
  2. Watch a past webinar or join an upcoming one to learn our five easy tips and tricks to set up systems that nudge people to eat more plant-based foods.
  3. Change your organization’s food sustainability guidance to read “default to plant-based meals with the option to add-on meat or dairy”.
  4. Check out our resources and get educated on why plant-based adoption is great for the environment so you can be a DefaultVeg advocate in your work.
  5. Connect with one of our partner organizations for more personalized and intensive support for larger institutions.

Still want more support? Reach out to us to schedule a one-on-one to get customized help for incorporating DefaultVeg practices into your work.